Liverpool are finalising a move for Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich for just €30m in one of the biggest transfers of the summer window, though the Spain midfielder’s wages will add up to a sizeable investment for the Reds once his four-year deal on Merseyside expires. Now attention must turn to freshening up a group in its absolute prime – if not slightly on the way down. 

That means finding a good landing spot for Rhian Brewster on loan, as their talented young striker needs to develop, rather than sit and wait behind Jurgen Klopp’s deadly front three. Could a move to Sheffield United suit everybody involved? Then there’s Ismaila Sarr, a big-money deal with high upside and more in line with acquiring Sadio Mane before he exploded to become the superstar is now is. 

The Reds always remain active in the market and now, with Thiago, appear primed to plot their dominance for years to come. Here are the latest stories surrounding Anfield as the Reds look to build on last season’s success.



Liverpool will compete with Arsenal to sign Sporting wonderkid Nuno Mendes.

A Bola claim both sides will have to pay the €45 million (£41m) release clause.

The 18-year-old has flashed already at left-back for the Portuguese giants.

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With Thiago Alcantara about to complete his move to Liverpool, have a read this interview he did with Miguel Delaney: 

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Nathaniel Clyne left Liverpool as a free agent in July and will begin training with Crystal Palace in the coming days to see if he can force his way into a contract.

A goal that isn’t impossible according to Palace manager Roy Hodgson who said: 

“Yes, it might be [with a view to a contract],

“But of course a lot hinges on Nathan Ferguson, the player we have actually brought in to be a right-back at the club and to compete for a place there.

“A lot will depend on how his injury situation panes out over the next few weeks, but it will be very nice to see where Nathaniel is and if there is an opportunity for us to offer him something or if he is interested in us offering him something, then him joining us.

“I haven’t seen him. I believe he was coming to be tested today so he could take part in some training with us over next couple of weeks where he is interested to improve his fitness and show us and not only us, perhaps other clubs too, that he is fit and ready to go again. 

“We are happy to welcome him back into the fold to give him that opportunity.”

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The big news concerning Liverpool transfers is the incoming of Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich. Liverpool are yet to confirm the signing but Bayern Munich have already bid farewell to the midfielder. For all the details of the move, have a read of this: 

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Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson has given his thoughts on Thiago Alcantara’s probable signing. He remained elusive but it was pretty clear that he thinks Thiago would be a great addition to the squad. He told Sky Sports: 

“Look, when you’re at a club like Liverpool you get linked with players all the time. For us we focus on our squad, nobody is at Melwood in terms of Thiago or any other player for new signings so until something is signed on the dotted line we don’t listen to rumours.

 “Our aim is to excite fans, we excited them last season. They believed we might have won the league by Christmas last season but we didn’t, so if we’re not exciting our fans, we’re not doing something right. 

“If the club are exciting the fans with a potential link or a rumour that we’re going to sign this player I suppose we’re doing something right.

 “I’ve watched him, he’s a fantastic player, a player full of talent and he would add to the quality of squad in probably any team in the world so if we get him great, if we don’t then it is what it is but we’ll wait and see until it is definitely confirmed.”  

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Jurgen Klopp has refused to be brought into the conversation about Thiago Alcantara’s move to Anfield despite Bayern Munich manager, Hansi Flick, confirming the midfielder is leaving.

Klopp told Sky Sports: “Nothing, I’ll say nothing. We’re are not part of the speculations, we try never to be and that’s it pretty much. When we have something to announce you are the first I will call.”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp keeps quiet over Thiago speculation
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp keeps quiet over Thiago speculation(Getty)

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As a loose rule, Jurgen Klopp only spends what he can bring in. 

Is it a coincidence then that Rhian Brewster is reportedly moving to Sheffield United for anything between £20-25 million just as Liverpool have signed Thiago Alcantara for a similar amount?

Rumours about Brewster leaving are still just that, but it seems likely that the 20-year-old could be leaving Anfield before the end of the transfer window. 

A possible Barcelona move for Gini Wijnaldum seems to have cooled so a deal for Brewster may be the best way to fund Thiago’s deal. 

 The 29-year-old spent seven years at Bayern Munich where he played 235 games and scored 31 goals for the club. He also won 16 trophies including seven Bundesliga titles and the 2019/20 Champions League. 

Brewster, meanwhile, spent last season on loan at Swansea and would have to compete with Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah for a place in Liverpool’s starting line up so a move away from Liverpool would help his development.

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Gary Neville has backed the signing of Thiago Alcantara to propel Liverpool to the next level as the 29-year-old would reignite the Reds midfield.

According to Neville, Thiago’s signing would send a message to the rest of the squad that Liverpool want to continue their dominance. 

He told Sky Sports: “It wouldn’t be ridiculous to suggest there will be a slight drop off, if they don’t somehow stimulate that squad by doing something,

It is a huge emotional drain on the group of players for three years. To ask them to go again and achieve that same standard would be a superhuman effort

Getting them to do the same without amendment to the squad to give them that lift again, that is where signing Thiago would give the big one for Liverpool – to send a message to the rest of the players that we’ve signed one of the best players in the world in that position.

He is world class and would give them a world-class presence in an area of the field where they don’t have a world-class presence. They need that impetus to stay where they are.

I could be wrong – they could deliver exactly what they did before but looking at history it doesn’t work like that usually.”

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Hansi Flick has congratulated Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp over the signing of Thiago Alcantara. He says it was emotional to bid farewell to the 29-year-old who spent the last seven years at the club and he congratulated Liverpool on signing a great player and a great person. He said: 

“Thiago is an extraordinary player and was very important for us, my coaching team and I enjoyed working with him.

“It was very emotional as we said goodbye. I can only congratulate Liverpool as they got a great player and especially a great person.

“Thiago gave the team a lot of options and made us unpredictable, he solved things in ways you don’t expect. 

“Now we’re losing yet another great player. We are in contact with Hasan [Salihamidzic, sporting director] and we are confident that we can still do something.

“We’re positive and we have the first game tomorrow. That’s the focus now and we have a good squad with which we can win the game.”

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