Evel Knievel estate sues Disney and Pixar over Toy Story 4 character Duke Caboom

Disney is being sued by Evel Knievel’s estate over claims that it used the stunt performer’s likeness in Toy Story 4.

Released in 2019, the fourth instalment in the Disney/Pixar franchise featured a toy called Duke Caboom (voiced by Keanu Reeves), who wore a white jumpsuit with red accents while performing tricks on a motorbike.

In legal documents seen by TMZ, K&K Promotions have filed a lawsuit against Disney and Pixar claiming that the character is a clear copy of Knievel.

They allege that Disney did not seek permission to use his likeness, which they own, and that the character is a near replica of the original Evil Knievel toy from the 1970s, in which the stuntman is sat on a wind-up motorcycle.

Knievel’s son, Kelly, said of the lawsuit: “Evel Knievel did not thrill millions around the world, break his bones and spill his blood just so Disney could make a bunch of money.

Keanu Reeves voices Duke Caboom in 'Toy Story 4'
Keanu Reeves voices Duke Caboom in ‘Toy Story 4’(Pixar)

“He remains an instantly recognised icon, as demonstrated by the huge popularity of the re-issued Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle among kids who hadn’t even been born when my father died a dozen years ago.”

K&K also claim that Disney instructed the Toy Story 4 cast to avoid using Knievel’s names during interviews.

In a statement shared with The Independent, the Walt Disney Company said: “The claims are without merit and we intend to defend against them vigorously in court.”

Knievel, who died in 2007, was best known for performing a range of dangerous stunts on motorbike, including jumping over the Caesar’s Palace fountains in Las Vegas and riding over 13 buses at Wembley Stadium.


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