AI Toonify Cartoon Characters
Photo credit: Justin Pinkney and Doron Adler via Gizmodo
Thanks to AI-powered neural networks, we can generate photorealistic human faces from thin air, and now, transform those portraits into cartoon characters. Called “Toonify,” this tool is running on Pix2pixHD, an image-to-image conversion model. How does it work? Well machine learning expert Doron Adler trained a StyleGAN model to recognize features a that are cartoon-like, and then the tool automatically selected fake human faces from ThisPersonDoesNotExist to augment with them. Read more for a video and additional information.

Justin Pinkney, another machine learning expert working on the project, blended his model with Adler’s to create a “layer-swapping” process that selects the desirable characteristics from each image. This basically means that only half the structure is cartoon-like, while the other retains its human features, complete with lighting and other high-resolution details.

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