Sharon Stone says she and her family almost had to evacuate their house due to the wildfires currently burning on the West Coast.

“Our state is burning down,” she said. “Two states over is burning down. We have no assistance. I just don’t even know.”

Stone then explained that on the day before her appearance, a house burnt down on a nearby street, meaning she and her sons had to start planning for a potential evacuation.

“We didn’t have to leave, but I walked through the house and did that after I got the kids in bed — look at saying goodbye to everything we’ve put our lives into making for our family and just said goodbye to everything in a calm way, by myself,” she said.

“Like — we’re just going to get in the car with clothes on our back. Everybody knew they could take one bag and that’s it, because we live in this cul-de-sac and if we have to go, we just have to go.”

Stone said she told her sons to pack their computers and one pair of shoes each as well as some clothes in order to be prepared.

“It’s raining ash, even in the house,” she added. “This is what we’re breathing.”

Fires have burned some 3.2m acres in California since mid-August and another 1.6m acres in Oregon and Washington State since Labor Day on 7 September. Thousands of homes have been destroyed as a result.

Efforts were continuing on Thursday to stop the blazes.

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