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Spitting Image: ‘Gross and explicit’ trailer for BritBox comedy series released following Greta Thunberg criticism

The first trailer for the BritBox reboot of Spitting Image has been released, and has been met with a mixed reaction from viewers.

The comedy series uses caricatured puppets to satirise famous faces from politics and contemporary pop culture.

A puppet version of US president Donald Trump features heavily in the trailer, appearing in conversation with a puppet designed to look like Boris Johnson.

Towards the end of the trailer, Trump and Johnson are depicted eating fried chicken in a sauna, when they get into a fight with Vladimir Putin.

The fight includes a moment of full-frontal nudity when Trump and Johnson are attacked in the genitals.

Reaction to the clip has been varied, with many people on social media stating that they “didn’t laugh once”. 

One Twitter user wrot...

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17 films and TV series that secretly spoiled their twists early on


ometimes, there’s just no beating a good plot twist. David Fincher’s grisly 1995 noir Se7en, which marks its 25th anniversary today, is celebrated for many things, among them its shocking final twist.

But even upon repeat viewings, many people don’t notice the subtle clues left earlier in the film, which tipped their hand towards Se7en’s climactic reveal.

Foreshadowing can be a fine art, leveraged for great tragic or satirical effect – or it can simply be playful, a way of rewarding obsessed viewers who trawl through their favourite film or TV series hunting for Easter eggs.

In case it needs saying, heavy spoilers follow

The World’s End

Edgar Wright’s 2013 genre romp The World’s End didn’t so much spoil its own ending as the entirety of its plot...

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‘90 Day Fiancé’ star Larissa dos Santos Lima speaks out after ICE arrest

90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is free from ICE custody after being detained over the weekend, but she may not be completely out of the woods yet.

On Saturday, Dos Santos Lima was taken into custody by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement after a “misunderstanding” that was promptly handled by her legal team, her rep told People. The reality star, who is from Brazil, was detained as she and boyfriend Eric Nichols were getting into a U-Haul truck to move to Colorado Springs. Her rep added that agents were checking on Dos Santos Lima’s immigration status.

The reality TV star is now safely in Colorado with Nichols, who posted an Instagram video on Sunday captioned, “NOT EVEN ICE can tame my girl...

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus reveals Joe Biden’s phone call after her cancer diagnosis

The actor recounted the phone call on Tuesday during a virtual conference hosted by CNN. Dubbed Citizen by CNN, the event consisted in a series of discussions on issues pertaining to the upcoming presidential election.

Louis-Dreyfus joined Jake Tapper in the morning for a talk titled “Politics, Parody & Participation: Activism in 2020”.

During the chat, Tapper brought up the topic of empathy, and asked the actor about her previous experience talking to the Democratic nominee after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017.

“He did reach out to me in the most touching way, and he called and he was – I mean, it was incredible,” she said.

“I kept thinking I didn’t want to take up his time, but he was giving me doctors’ names and this institute and that hospital and have ...

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The Great British Bake Off review: Matt Lucas out-bants Noel Fielding as the invincible show returns

Glastonbury. The Olympic Games. The Hajj annual pilgrimage to Mecca. The world economy. All knocked on the head by coronavirus. But not even a deadly pandemic is a match for the invincible Great British Bake Off, which returns defiantly for its 11th series. Cast and crew have bravely bubbled their way through the social distancing restrictions, the latest dozen contestants, banged up together under virtual house arrest for seven weeks. They had to. Bake Off is, after all, an essential, vital contributor to national morale, like Vera Lynn during the war.  

As the nights draw in, the pubs and restaurants close early and a chill descends on our crisis-hit land, we all need to watch people preparing sponges...

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Great British Bake Off launches new series with skit mocking Boris Johnson’s coronavirus speech

New host Matt Lucas portrayed Boris Johnson, complete with blond wig, with judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood offering advice on how to pronounce “scone” on either side. 

“Go bake in a tent… don’t bake in a tent,” Lucas said, mocking the mixed messages and confusing rules that have made Johnson and his MPs a source of constant criticism since March. 

The 11th series of the popular baking competition was filmed in an isolation “bubble”, with contestants agreeing to isolate together – away from their families – for up to seven weeks. 

The first episode was pushed back due to Johnson’s speech today (Tuesday 22 September), which urged Britons to “get through winter together” while warning of the likelihood of further lockdown rules. 

Creative director Kie...

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Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at lowest-rated Emmys ever: ‘We set a record, let’s just say that’

Jimmy Kimmel has poked fun at himself after hosting the lowest-rated Emmy Awards ever.

The ceremony dropped to an all-time low for the second year in a row, with 6.1m viewers tuning in. Last year, 6.9m people watched the event.

Addressing the topic on his late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Kimmel quipped: “I hosted the virtual Emmys last night. They’re saying it was the highest-rated Emmys ever.

“Oh, the lowest? Oh. All right. Well, we set a record, let’s just say that.”

Viewership for awards shows has been dropping for years.

For reference, the Emmys hit a recent high of 17.7m viewers in 2013.

This year’s ceremony adhered to a special format due to the coronavirus pandemic...

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Beyoncé embarrasses Blue Ivy with Snoop Dogg joke

Beyoncé has shown that even she can be an embarrassing mother sometimes, as she made a Snoop Dogg joke that made her daughter Blue Ivy cringe.

The star made the gag when she participated in a jokes segment during the virtual Where Art Can Occur celebration on Saturday (19 September). Her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson and daughter were not impressed.

“Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?” Beyoncé, make-up free and in a black hoodie, asks with a deep voice.

“No, no, that voice,” interjects Blue Ivy, who tries to cover Beyoncé’s mouth. “No. Mom, the voice, no. NO! NO!”

“Fo’ drizzle,” smiles Beyoncé, playing on the rapper’s catchphrase (“Fo’ shizzle, my nizzle”).

A voice note from Beyoncé’s mother then appears on the screen, with Knowles-Lawson encouraging h...

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John David Washington weighs in on potential Tenet sequel: ‘In my mind, that’s a yes’

The actor was asked about a specific Tenet scene, which looks like it could be the set-up for a sequel, during a recent interview with Esquire.

“In my mind, that’s a yes!” he told the publication. “We will be doing this again, we’ll see you in a couple of years.” 

Washington did acknowledge that the decision ultimately isn’t up to him, adding: “In reality, I don’t know. Chris does what he wants.

“Maybe he has something that he’s developed for years that he wants to do next, maybe he’s been inspired by something else he sees and wants to do that, I don’t know.”

Still, Washington says he hopes “we get to do it again” and “explore more”, because “I think we found something really unique”.

Tenet was released in the UK on 26 August and in the US on 3 S...

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Ellen DeGeneres Show employees condemn host for ‘turning their traumas into a joke’

Current and former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show have called out the presenter for her public apology, which they believe to be “disingenuous and tone deaf”.

This summer, her show was accused of fostering a toxic work environment, with alleged sexual misconduct, racism and workplace bullying taking place behind the scenes.

DeGeneres began the first episode of the new series with a lengthy monologue addressing the accusations and apologising. “How was everybody’s summer? Good? Mine was great. Super terrific,” she joked. “Let me give you some advice out there if anybody’s thinking of changing their title or giving yourself a nickname, do not go with the ‘be kind’ lady. Don’t do it.”

She later said: “I learned that things happened here that never should have ...

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