Brian Blessed appeared as a guest on ITV’s Lorraine this morning and shocked viewers with his thoughts on coronavirus.

In the middle of a rant about the pandemic, the actor said: “This Covid virus – I really want to say one swear word – bugger off!”

The British actor and TV personality continued: “We will beat it, it will go away. I believe in the human spirit and we are showing immense courage in this country, down to the NHS.”

Host Christine Lampard, who was standing in for Lorraine Kelly, hurried to apologise for the actor’s bad language.

“It has been the most extraordinary time,” she said, adding: ”I’m sure some of us would use even a stronger word than that, but obviously we can’t and we will apologise for any bad language.”

The video of Blessed’s appearance on the ITV morning show has since circulated on social media, with viewers sharing it widely on Twitter.

On the show, the 83-year-old actor spoke about his desire to be the oldest man on the moon and discussed his exercise regime of bench pressing and five-mile runs.

Blessed, who starred as Prince Vultan in the 1980 film Flash Gordon, also warned against directors attempting a remake of the classic.

“If anyone wants to make another one, I’ll smack them straight to the Gods,” he said.