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Mason Mount on Frank Lampard, free-kicks and capping Chelsea's season with the FA Cup

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It was a moment that Mason Mount sees as important in his career, and could well prove a juncture in the destination of the FA Cup this season. It certainly gave an insight into Frank Lampard’s managerial career and approach.

That was half-time in the quarter-final against Leicester City, with Chelsea drawing 0-0 and looking sluggish. Lampard’s response was to haul off three of his youngest players in Billy Gilmour, Reece James and Mount. They went and won 1-0 through substitute Ross Barkley, the 21-year-old Mount watching on, and chastened.

While Mount is endearingly expressive and excited for most of his interview ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup f...

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Internet freedom is in imminent danger, claims Twitter boss Jack Dorsey in attack on other tech companies

The freedom of the internet is under imminent threat, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey has said.

He said his rival tech giants were “killing competing ideas” and that the idea of fairness on the internet was under threat.

Other companies are creating “walled-garden alternative internets”, in an apparent attack on other companies such as Facebook.

Instead, Twitter is focusing on “an open internet” that no one company was able to control, he said.

Mr Dorsey was speaking after the four biggest tech companies in the world – Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook – sent their chief executives to a US congress hearing. The questioning was part of an antitrust investigation, looking at the ways that those major firms could be abusing their dominance of their respecrtive markets.

In a series of twe...

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Beyonce's Black is King is an ode to Black people and the diaspora in all its glory

One of the things Beyoncé does best is collaborate – unafraid to share her platform to get the best results. Streaming on Disney+, Black Is King is the visual album for Lion King: The Gift, the soundtrack for 2019’s Lion King. It is a reimagining of the beloved Disney film’s story, following Simba, but with famous cameos and new faces, too. With lines from the film laced throughout, Beyoncé acts as the narrator and mother figure, guiding us through the story as we travel from London and Belgium to South Africa, Ghana, the Grand Canyon and beyond.

This figurative reimagining already leaves space for more interpretation and creativity than last year’s by-the-book CGI Lion King did. But more than anything, Black is King is an ode to Black people, the diaspora and blackness in all...

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'Why can't F1 get it right?' Sky presenter Simon Lazenby explains why he got off the fence to fight racism

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It has been almost a month since Formula One’s post-lockdown return, with more eyes on it than ever as it looked to dial into the social issues that were arising amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Almost a month since they concocted their own #WeRaceAsOne slogan and decked all 20 drivers out in t-shirts emblazoned with “END RACISM”, with only Lewis Hamilton’s bearing the words “Black Lives Matter”. Almost a month since six of those drivers first decided against taking the knee.

It looked exactly what it was: hastily organised and uncomfortably forced...

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Solar systems could have a large number of planets that are home to alien life, study finds

Other solar systems could have large numbers of planets that are home to alien life, a new study has found.

The research suggests that other parts of the universe could be host to numerous planets that are habitable, unlike our solar system, where just one of the worlds has the right conditions for life to thrive.

Scientists looking for life elsewhere in the universe regularly search for planets in the “habitable zone”, which are distant enough from their star that the water would not immediately be evaporated away, but close enough that it would not freeze.

Researchers think that finding planets at that specific distance from their star, which is also known as the Goldilocks zone, is the best hope for finding alien life elsewhere in the universe.

The new study was prompted by lookin...

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Julianne Moore regrets playing lesbian character in The Kids Are All Right: 'We need to give real representation to people'

Julianne Moore has suggested she would think twice about accepting her lesbian role in The Kids Are All Right if it were offered to her today.

The film, which had its 10-year anniversary on Thursday, is a queer family drama-comedy. In it, Moore stars as Jules, a lesbian who is raising two children with her partner Nic (Annette Bening).

Speaking to Variety, Moore said, “Here we were, in this movie about a queer family and all of the principal actors were straight. I look back and go ‘Ouch, wow’.”

She continued, “I don’t know that we would do that today, I don’t know that we would be comfortable.

“We need to give real representation to people, but I’m grateful for all the experiences that I’ve had as an actor because my job is to communicate a universality of experience...

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Eddie Hearn swears live on Sky Sports News after not realising he was on air

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Eddie Hearn was left with egg on his face when the Matchroom Boxing promoter swore live on Sky Sports News, unaware that he was on air and being broadcast around the world.

The boxing promoter was appearing ahead of the weigh-in for the first of his ‘Fight Camp’ events this weekend, where Sam Eggington will take on Ted Cheeseman in the first of four behind-closed-doors cards to be staged in the garden of his Essex headquarters.

Hearn has been prominent on Sky throughout the week in order to generate interest for Matchroom’s return, which comes after Hearn had a purpose-built arena built in the grounds of the Matchroom Boxing head office in Bre...

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Nationwide 'No Words' campaign launched to raise awareness of baby loss

A nationwide campaign has been launched to encourage people to talk more openly about baby loss and to raise awareness of the “shocking statistics”.

In April 2019, Katie Ingram and her husband Ben went to hospital so she could be induced for labour. But soon after they arrived, the couple were informed that their baby’s heart had stopped beating, and their daughter Ottilie was stillborn later that day.

Katie wrote about the loss of her baby for Baby Loss Awareness Week in October 2019, describing the beauty of her daughter and the trauma she and her partner experienced.

Just over a year after suffering the loss of her daughter, Katie has launched a nationwide campaign called “No Words” with the aim of “breaking the silence surrounding baby loss”.

In the UK, approximate...

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Coronavirus مستند: بازگشت داخلی نشان می دهد که تاخیر با ماسک اجرا در سینما و موزه ها

بازگشایی داخل سالن اجرای برنامه با لحاظ اجتماعی فاصله مخاطبان شده است به تعویق افتاد تا 15 مرداد در اولین بوریس جانسون اعلام کرده است.

محدودیت در داخل سالن اجرای برنامه در سالن تئاتر و سالن های موسیقی برنامه ریزی شده بود به سهولت در این آخر هفته اما هر آسانسور شده اند به تعویق افتاد به دلیل نگرانی بیش از یک افزایش در coronavirus موارد است.

همچنین اعلام شده است که بازدید کنندگان به موزه ها و گالری و سینما مورد نیاز خواهد بود برای پوشیدن ماسک. این خواهد بود که قابل اجرا توسط قانون آغاز 8 اوت...

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انتقال اخبار زنده: رونی آماده به ثبت نام Raul Jimenez به عنوان Jadon سانچو توافق نزدیک آرسنال ارائه £9m Coutinho مقابله

مستقل استخدام خبرنگاران در سراسر جهان به شما به ارمغان بیاورد واقعا مستقل روزنامه نگاری. برای حمایت از ما لطفا در نظر گرفتن سهم.

به دنبال انتقال آخرین به روز رسانی زنده از لیگ برتر تابستان پنجره به باشگاه نگاه برای تقویت طول تابستان پیش از شروع فصل جدید. منچستر یونایتد نگاه مجموعه ای به یکی از فعال ترین باشگاه های پنجره با علاقه Raul Jimenez, Jadon سانچو و جک گریلیش دادن طرفداران زیادی را به نگاه به جلو به در هفته های آینده.

ایران در حال درک می شود آماده برای راه انداز...

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